Private notes, in addition to public comments

Recreating an auto-closed suggestion: Suggestion: note option / private comment

Feature request subforum probably shouldn’t auto-close stuff? I got a notification that it was “completed”, but no such feature yet exists.

I think I found the setting to stop auto closing and I re-opened the original thread.

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Thanks, Justin!

I checked a few other preexisting, unsolved threads in the Feature Request category and saw the 4-month auto-close notice on most (but not all) of them. Unfortunately the Discourse meta/forum site is down at the moment, so I wasn’t able to search there for a way to bulk-remove that option from threads in a category after the setting is changed.

Or maybe this forum is just giving me cached data. Not sure yet.

Yeah I’m not sure if changing the setting only applies moving forward or will change existing auto closed.

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