Progress filtering screwed up because of incomplete air date data (for old shows)

I’m sure this has been talked about before but I couldn’t find anything with a search (mainly because I wasn’t exactly sure what keywords to use).

I understand the reason why you can’t “collect” a show that hasn’t aired yet but for old shows with incomplete air date data (because it’s not always known the exact dates for older obscure shows) I wish we could somehow figure a way to allow them to be included in part of our progress so that they don’t clutter up the really great order feature (order by time left or episodes left, etc.). I have a lot of shows that don’t have air dates because people don’t know them and they end up littering my Progress page. It would be cool if I could just say “ignore air dates” in one of my settings.

Just as an example: Right now I am going through my Progress page and it’s organized by “Time Left” in the series. I’m trying to watch some of the shows I’ve forgotten about and it’s fun to check them off so I organize them by easiest to finish. The problem is, I have The Super Dave Osborne Show at the top of the list because the Trakt filter thinks there is only one episode (the pilot has an airdate), even though there are five seasons.

I understand that it might disrupt a bigger function of not adding a bunch of unaired episodes from new shows on our lists, but for someone that doesn’t care, wouldn’t it be okay to just have an option in Settings?

Also, I understand that I can just skip those shows and do the math in my head. That’s fine. I’ll do that if nothing can be done but the whole point of the software is that it’s all done for us and it’s just an inconvenience, if only minor. :slight_smile: