Question about renewing VIP through new iOS In-App Purchase

I saw in the patch notes for the newest app update that you can use in-app purchases now. I may just be blind but I couldn’t find anyway to use that option. It redirects to the website to use Paypal or Apple Pay. If Apple Pay is what you meant, that’s not really the same thing.

Are you on the most recent version? And since your account is already VIP, you shouldn’t be seeing any upgrade options.

Unless there is another update today, I updated it last night. But I didn’t mean to upgrade, just renew. But there isn’t anything inside the app itself that I could find to renew that didn’t open the website first. And using the website, would prohibit you from using your itunes as the payment system, like for regular in-app purchases.

Like I said unless I am just missing something inside the app.

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the app? Or where you are clicking?

The upgrade link at the bottom of the Year in Review that opens up the website. Am I guessing the inapp purchase option to renew, doesn’t show up until after VIP has expired? I was just exploring to see if it looked any different clicking that upgrade button than what you normally see on the website. Even though “upgrade” implies it thinks I don’t already have VIP. But since that’s all I could find.

Oh ok, yeah that message shouldn’t be there since you’re already a VIP. That is a bug I’ll get fixed. The year in review is just loading the website, which is why it’s loading the web base vip flow.

If you weren’t already a vip, there would be in app purchase by clicking the year in review dashboard card and several other places throughout the app.

Ah ok. So how would you preserve your “seniority” if you wanted to use the in-app purchase method?

You would need to cancel the current VIP, then sign up in app once it has expired. Your seniority will be preserved.

I’m just curious, are you wanting to sign up in app since you prefer billing to go through Apple?

I have a shiny new $100 itunes giftcard from Christmas. When I saw that you added inapp purchases, I thought, a year of VIP would be a great use for that.

By the way, according to the FAQ article, my VIP page already looks like it would if I had already canceled my subscription. So there isn’t a “cancel” option. I am guessing its because of how you activated my VIP last year from my BAT tip.

You are correct, looks like the VIP will expire at the end of the year. It should reflect in the app as a non VIP at that time and you’ll see the VIP in app purchase ads.

Ok so renewed my VIP and it doesn’t look like it kept my seniority. Or do you need to be at the end of your 2nd year for the “2 years” to show up?