🚀 Rippple 6.0 is here

Hey all :wave:,

:loudspeaker: Rippple has been updated (again) and is full of cool new stuff !

:sparkles: Browse the 1+ million movies and TV shows referenced by Trakt
:world_map: Explore more with the infinite Grid view
:lipstick: Customize the app inside and out with 12 tints and 83 colourful icons
:clap: Enjoy Rippple’s widgets in StandBy mode and on your iPad Lock Screen

Here are more screenshots of the new Browse and Grid…

The full change log (4+ years) can be found here: Rippple updates
The App Store link if you want to take Rippple for a spin or rate/review it: https://trakt.tv/a/rippple
Follow what’s new on Mastodon: https://mastodon.social/@ripppleapp
And Twitter/X: https://x.com/ripppleapp

:hugs: Always open to questions/feedback here or everywhere else.




This all looks really awesome! :clap:

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Hit me with that dark cyan Rippple app icon :hot_face:hnnng!


Love the poster wall. Can’t wait for movies watchlist to be like movist !

Fantastic update man!

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Any chance of ever getting this on Android?

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Unfortunately, no :disappointed:

I’m developing Rippple mostly alone, with the help of some friends for small-ish design and backend stuff. My skill-set is really bound to iOS/Swift/UIKit development. I pour a lot of my free time in the project but I can’t ask someone else to do the same for Android and I can’t do it myself, the end result would be really bad :sweat_smile:

Hope you find the app that suits your need on Android!



You are not only a great developer, i mean rippple is fantastic and people may do not know that you are the one (team) behind movis tand serist but you are also responsive to comments and suggestions for your app. That makes you a GREAT developer.


What we really need is a Apple TV version.

Something strange I noticed regarding the Ripple widgets vs. the widgets of trakt’s own app: After I watched and scrobbled a new episode to trakt, the last seen widget from the trakt app updates automatically, whereas the ripple widget does not. I need to open the app for the widget to update.