Sort by Next Episode to Air

There’s already the option to sort by “recently aired” on the Progress page, but it would be great to be able to see which episodes/shows are going to air next the soonest. Say there are two shows that I’m behind on, and show #1’s new season doesn’t start for 6 months, but show #2’s new season starts next week. In that case, it would be really helpful for me to see that easily, so I know which one I need to get caught up on first. The “recently aired” option doesn’t help me know this. :wink:

Thought I should add: I realize obviously there’s the Calendar where you can click through week by week to see what’s airing, but it would be much easier to see this directly on the Progress page and sort the shows by this, rather than having to hunt through each week of all my currently airing shows to try and find when which ones are going to start up again.

This is brilliant!

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I thought of an additional tweak that may or may not be doable, but would be great if it could be incorporated! In addition to sorting by next episode to air, it would be nice if we could then hide any episodes not marked as “Season Premiere” - that way, we could easily see at a glance just the upcoming season premiere episodes in order of their air dates. That would be the dream!

I’m thinking this could be possible, since “Season Premiere” episodes are already marked in the Calendar view, so they are obviously already somehow “tagged” this way in the system, so it would be great if we could hide all episodes without this tag (or whatever the proper terminology is).

So anyway, just a further thought in fleshing out this feature request. :relaxed:

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