Sri Lankan/lesser-known Asian and African Shows/Films


I joined this VIP tier a few days ago to get a daily email roundup of shows that are premiering from around the globe; as an International Affairs major in undergrad, I adore the sheer vastness that different cultures can display in their programming. As I poked around on different filters, I came to realize that there’s just not that many offerings listed from Sri Lanka/Cambodia/various African counties. Is there a way to link up a channel and have that data be uploaded to Trakt? Rather unsure how most of the data here works but I do wish to further expand Trakt’s reach!. This entire website is phonemical!

If there are missing movies or shows, they can be added on TMDB and any user can import them here.

If the movie/show exists on TMDB already and doesn’t exist on trakt, you just need to get it’s ID (you can find it in the show page on TMDB, it is the number in the URL) and import it on Trakt (the import option is at the footer of the page).

Please, before creating anything on TMDB, check their rules: New Content — The Movie Database (TMDB)

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