TMDB data is correct, but Trakt is adhering to TVDB

When we go to the comparison page, and see that the good info is in the TMDB column, and the lacking info is in TVDB (and we are migrating away from TVDB), how do we tell Trakt to use TMDB as the good source, instead of hanging onto TVDB? A show released this year on Netflix (Catching Killers) is stuck on TVDB as its source (which confuses me, since anything new would use TMDB, one would think, since we are migrating away from TVDB).
Is it possible to make the Comparison page a way to human-review the competing data, and then click on the correct source so Trakt knows to follow that?
I recognize that data merging and cleaning always is a tricky process, but it seems that a lot of problems stem from our inability to tell Trakt to use TMDB as its source when it’s still “stuck on” TVDB :smile:

On the show’s main page, click the “report show” link and you can let us know it’s ok to swap this show to TMDB.

We’ll have some additional tools soon to help with mapping to TMDB as well. It will be an instruction set that can be created, we review it, then apply the updates and move the show to TMDB.


I’m having the same problem with another show, I’ve tried reporting it already.

Just an fyi as that is a youtube channel I don’t know how long it will stay on TMDB.

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