How does the refresh data work? - New comparison page - TVDB to TMDB

Since the day you mention Trakt is switching to TMDB, I’ve been trying to match the YouTube show " Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell " on TMDB. After some time transfering data, I think everything matches, but I can’t make Trakt get the correct seasons name from TMDB. I Keep pressing refresh every few minutes, and I have even waited overnight for the automatic refresh. But nothing has change.

The season numbers are different. TMDB uses years, and TVDB has sequential numbers. I’m pretty sure TMDB should be updated to use standard season numbers, but the season title could be edited with the year of needed. I think that is how TMDB wants it updated. We’d then have to manually fix Trakt to match.

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I have a similar issue with Hunted NL. The TVDB information is mostly correct. I have updated TMDB which should now be correct. The last refresh of the show is done in December, but can’t get it to refresh now. Although I understand we want to switch to TMDB, the TVDB information for S06E01 now has an airdate, but the refresh is not even updating from TVDB. What is the reason behind this (so I can learn for the future)?

Does it indicate it was queued for a refresh? If so, there could be some sort of bug in our data scraper. We can look into more specifically via a support ticket. Please include the Trakt website link and we can look into and mostly likely just switch it to TMDB.

@justin I think there might be an error with the scraper, because the comparison page for Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell is all green, but now there is duplicate season and episodes data on the show. Or maybe i’ve done something wrong… Could you take a look?

@Totoruano I manually cleaned up this show so it has the correct seasons now. What likely happened is the seasons were changed on TVDB to years, then changed back, but that creates duplicates on Trakt that we need to manually correct.

@spiezmaestro looks like there was a duplicate of that show messing things up. The correct show is at and uses TMDB.

As My quenstion are on the same subjekt, so am I adding in here. So, are you saying that trakt manly utses TMDB as their source and not TVDB.
So IF a serie have both sites as a Link. THE information About THE show are only getting from TMBD.
I wounder Becouse, every episodes of THE Swedish show Så ska det låta are right in TVDB. But THE info are maning in TMDB

The source is shown in the left sidebar: