TMDB now supports individual episode runtimes!

It has been a long time in the making but TMDB finally has the ability to add runtimes for individual episodes, rather than using one runtime for all episodes (as listed on the Trello board from TMDB.

@justin Will all shows (that use TMDB as its data source) now be able to be reprieve these individual runtimes or do we have to wait for an API update? And, will shows that have been updated before with the ‘Report’ function become unlocked so that the runtime from TMDB will be used, rather than the previously filled in runtime?


Wow, that’s awesome news! It will need to be available on the api to use it, I can check next week to see if it’s there yet.

Currently we pull episode runtimes from OMDb if they have them. Otherwise it’s manual via the report button like you said. I’m not sure if we should simply treat TMDB as the “source of truth” or only fill in missing runtimes. Probably use TMDB, but I’ll think about it more.


You beat me to it! I was just going to post this. :crazy_face:

You could treat TMDB as the source, if the episode run time is different than the default runtime. If it is not different then just leave it as the default runtime perhaps. It may also take some time to have TMDB populate runtimes for older content.

Also @JBaby_9783 just a heads up as I know you were interested in this.


This is music to my ears!!!

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Don’t want to rain on peoples parade, but it looks like the feature is website only at the minute.

Firstly the API Docs haven’t been updated to detail a runtime response - not necessarily cause for alarms. The company I work for is bad at documenting new things too :sweat_smile:

However making a direct episode API call also doesn’t appear to currently return any runtime response in the payload. The shows I tested on didn’t have any individual episode runtimes exposed, but I did expect the show level runtime to return in the payload instead (or even runtime: null) :person_shrugging:

Indeed, it will probably take some time before the API has access to the episode runtimes but it should be a step in the right direction.

I totally forgot about OMDb. But it would be nice to get all information from TMDB rather than some information from another website. Right now, the episode runtimes are set at 0 for each episode rather than the default runtime entered so that may also be a thing to look into.

Has there been any update yet? I’m currently working a bunch of local tv shows, one with very big variations in run time. I added all the correct runtimes to TMDB, but so far, only one episode has updated itself on trakt. all the others, for some reason, are now 42 minutes, even though that’s not accurate at all.

The TMDB API doesn’t provide the episode runtime yet. Once it does, we’ll use it as soon as we can. I asked TMDB, but haven’t heard back yet.


I see! Guess all we can do is wait now. Thanks for the update!

It looks like runtime is now being returned in the API when it’s populated on an episode, it certainly does for Season 1 of Critical Role which is what I happened to be checking at the time.

When the runtime isn’t present for an episode, then it appears to do the sensible thing and returns a null value

  "air_date": "2016-01-28",
  "crew": [],
  "episode_number": 40,
  "guest_stars": [],
  "name": "Desperate Measures",
  "overview": "Desperate to help survivors of the attack, Vox Machina attempt to fend off the assailing beasts, but our heroes are rendered helpless in the face of temptation, infighting and despair.",
  "id": 1197866,
  "production_code": "",
  "runtime": null,
  "season_number": 1,
  "still_path": "/riBTxM6FqKBvZ2SMG1yzqky5Jsm.jpg",
  "vote_average": 0,
  "vote_count": 0
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Awesome! I just pushed an update so TMDB runtimes will be used if available. It falls back to OMDB, and we can manually adjust and lock runtimes if we really need to.


I’ve been waiting for a while for this TMDB feature and finally it came.

When the API will be available, will Trakt update itself with the single runtime episodes? And consequently it will adjust the overall runtime?

But another question is: which site to keep as reference?
I am very comfortable with IMDB that (I think) it has the correct runtimes between the technical details of every episodes.

It would be nice to make a comparison between the runtimes on Trakt, the runtimes on IMDB and the ones on TMDB, like the one already existing between TMDB, TVDB and Trakt regarding the title and number of seasons and episodes.

Unfortunately I’m not a programmer otherwise I would try my hand at this, the only thing I can give are suggestions and ideas in order to improve Trakt more and more.

Yes, I pushed the update yesterday so Trakt is using runtimes from TMDB now. IMDB doesn’t have a free api to use, so that isn’t an option. Our plan is to use TMDB as the main source for runtime and it can always be edited over there if needed.


Ok but doesnt tvdb use api also.
Moderators at tmdb are jerks and morrons.
Excuse my language
And maybe be able to import both from tvdb and tmdb.
Is that possible?

No, we use TMDB as the primary data source. The main TVDB thread has all the info and background.

Great now tmdb deleted my whole serie i had put in from tvdb. Just refering me to their fucking bible.
They deleted ”at the bbc”

“Fucking bible” ? Perhaps look through their guidelines instead of ranting here. What where you trying to add? Some entry to combine all sorts of tv specials or something?

Something like that but not all belongs to the serie, hard to know When they are and When not. Better with a collection or serie, since they are are kind of a serie.

And Will Continue to rant aslong as tmdb behaves as they do.