Trakt Community Thread

Welcome to THE CT!!! With the countless threads that the community will see, some may deem them not “thread worthy”. That’s where a Community Thread comes into play. This is where you come to chat, talk, post purchases, and even updates on things like your day. The CT is used for pretty much everything! Just be sure to be respectful of one another when sharing your posts. Also be sure to follow all rules of the community.

Watching Game Of Thrones S7E1


Game Of Thrones S7E2 - Stormborn

Game Of Thrones S7E3 - The Queen’s Justice

Hydration Time

Jeez it is storming here BAD

#DrinkInHand and continuing watching Game Of Thrones!

Game Of Thrones S7E4 - The Spoils Of War

Game Of Thrones S7E5 - Eastwatch

Sorry to ruin this, but what is the point so far ?
Spamming ?


Was just attempting to have a thread that is literally just dedicated to nothing. That’s the point of a Community Thread. It’s for status updates, anything really, hence why it is in Off Topic. If that’s not welcome here I’ll stop.

EDIT: WOW. Whole thread gets “Hidden”. Just lock it if that’s the case. The point of a forum is provide a high selection of threads that have varying topics. This board is already behind a paywall, was just trying to give a thread that I have seen be highly successful on other boards given that the community participates.

sorry but i fail to see the meaning on posts such as “game of thrones e5”
It is still just pure spamming.

sorry :frowning_face:


What do you mean by this? We didn’t take any action on this thread, so I wonder if Discourse did something automatically?

Edit: ok I found where it went into a moderation queue in our admin section.

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I’m sorry you feel that way @great_vc. But the whole point of a CT is to pretty much allow for multi posts, checking in, status updates, quick opinions on matters, etc. All because these really don’t fully warrant an individual thread. The boards that I’ve been a part of that have one they kind of are there own little corner for the forum. It’s not for everyone and that’s ok. Just wanted to bring something a bit different to this community.

EDIT: Thank you @justin for unflagging it. I guess it was something discourse did like you said. :slight_smile:

Me too, spam afaic

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Beyond happy that it is Friday! Hope everyone has a good day. Anyone have any big plans for the weekend?

Yup, building a new NAS device (homebrew) and have 3x8Tb to configure as RAID. Unfortuntely going to use software RAID as the budget doesn’t allow for a hardware RAID controller this time. Fingers crossed that it goes well.
Doing me usual cycling route for exercise too. And you?