Trakt Discord

we need a discord channel =)

I agree ! :grinning:

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That would be nice :blush:

Wouldn’t that kind of step over this forum ?


I was thinking the same thing.


I disagree. Discord isn’t necessary.


I like Discord - think it is a great idea

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While Discord is a great platform, I don’t see it as a necessity. It would be nice to have a place for fast-paced discussion about shows and movies. But if it starts to overlap too much with these forums without any special meaning, it may cause harm to split the community chatting into two places.

I’d be curious to see how a public Discord server would succeed tho. Imagine people talking to their friends:

“Hey you should join Trakt Discord, there is plenty of discussion about series. I just started watching X because somebody recommended it.”
“Wait what’s Trakt?”
“Oh, it’s a neat website where you can track your movies and series history.”
“Hmm, maybe I could check it out…”

However, as we have brand new forums, creating a Discord server now would just split administration focus into more places, likely decreasing the quality of community management.


I disagree also, the forum is exactly what this site needs.
Discord reminds me of mIRC and nothing more.
I find no user if you have nice ticketing system and support from forums and devs of the apps.


I mean I like Discord, but really feel as if it would split the community into two locations. That is unless they integrated Discord with these Discourse to where a post in one automatically makes a post in the other. A quick Google search and I came up with this, not sure if it is legit or not.

It seems to be, Zapier is like IFTTT, just another company.

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dont forget the non-vip …

I think the only way that would work is if the server were heavily moderated. Like you could only talk in the regular channels if your account had been validated. For example by posting your discord name and tag in the location field of your Trakt profile, and posting the link to your Trakt profile in a sort of lurkers channel for people waiting to get verified by a moderator/administrator.

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Zapier is neat to automate tasks, I use it myself to connect my websites up status to Clicksend to send me a text message if a server becomes unavailable. However Zapier may be free to try, but it’s not exactly free to use :slight_smile:

Personally I wouldn’t mind a discord channel. I wouldn’t use it, I’m a boomer, and I don’t care for discord, but I’m certain some people would like it.

I would prefer an IRC channel instead of Discord.

Well, anybody can start one on IRC. Personally I’ve mostly left irc behind for the modern approach. This app really does forums well, imho. Runs circles around vbulletin et al.

Would still love the idea of a Discord server :smiley:


I agree about the Discord server. I would be a place for Trakt users to be able to just talk casually about what they’ve just watched or stuff like that. I really don’t have any friends or family that are equally into movies and shows like myself, so would be nice to mingle with likeminded people. I would never turn to this forum saying “I just watched X, wasn’t that part where Y happened just amazing?”

If you’re only wanting an unofficial place to chat about movies and shows with people, you can just make your own Discord server and invite people on these forums. But I see no reason why Trakt needs to create and run its own official Discord server.

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