Trakt Database Crash

Trakt has been down since the database crashed on Dec 11. Please check for any announcements. I’ll recap here too. Apologies for not posting in the VIP forums sooner!

2022-12-16 12:10 PST

Website Back Online

The Trakt website and Plex scrobbler are back online! We’ll be closely monitoring the servers and database while things re-cache and ramp up. Trakt API will be turned on next week. Please read the dashboard notice when signed into the website.

2022-12-15 11:05 PST

Earlier this week, we restored a full database backup from Nov 7 as the starting point. We’ve incrementally imported data from Nov 7 up until the database crashed on Dec 11. There is data corruption, but we’ve recovered a good percentage thus far. Watched history is the largest dataset still importing. We’re forumulating a plan to bring the website online first, followed by the API.

2022-12-14 22:22 PST

Data restore is still ongoing. It’s slow, but promising. Scheduled tasks like TMDB metadata and watch now links are running so the site will be up to date when it’s back online. We’ll have a more detailed update tomorrow.

2022-12-14 11:05 PST

We’ve been able to partially restore user data and are working on completing that process. Metadata has been refreshed and will continue to keep the movies/shows in sync with TMDB. We need updated metadata so that restored user data can match up correctly. Existing Trakt IDs have been retained.

2022-12-13 15:19 PST

We were able to restore a baseline database backup & are importing data added between that backup & Dec 11. First up is refreshing TV show & movie metadata. We’re currently working on the user data. There is some corruption, but we’re working to save all that we can.

We started posting these updates on our status page too.

Original Message

On Dec 11 at 7:30 PST, our main database crashed & corrupted some of the data. This is unplanned & we’ve been working around the clock to restore it. It’s a painstakingly slow process given the scale of data. We unfortunately have no ETA but we’re doing everything we can.