Sync Plex Watchlist to Trakt Watchlist

I’ve seen a lot of stuff about syncing Trakt watchlists into Plex, but I’m actually interested in the opposite. I imagine this could be a webhook that responds to a add to watchlist event, then can add that item into Trakt.

I like Trakt being my source of truth for everything and sometimes we add to the Plex watchlist when using the Discover feature and watching trailers, but I have to add to Trakt manually in order to make things sync back.

Not interested in running PlexTraktSync since I already have Trakt VIP + Plex Pass, was hoping a webhook URL provided by Trakt (like scrobbling) would do the trick.

Plex webhooks don’t have a watchlist option that I know of. For reference, these are the only events they send us. Webhooks | Plex Support

In the Plex media center settings, there is an option to generate a RSS feed for the watchlist items. We could potentially use that and get new items on a scheduled task.


Ah, I had assumed those events were available. The RSS feed would definitely work on a scheduled task, but I don’t think that would scale well on the Trakt side, but it would work as a solution. Ideally, Plex would add the add / remove events to webhooks.

Thanks for responding!

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