Trakt Scrobbler with Hama

Hmm no, no VPN and it’s still odd that it only affect the HAMA library and it seems now that even non-seasonal anime aren’t scrobbling anymore. No issue with the Plex agent.

I imagine the only solution would be to switch agents? But HAMA was really enhancing the experience so it’s a bit sad.

If that helps, I also use the Simkl webhook and all anime get scrobbled just fine there :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to figure out why debug events aren’t being sent for your account. It works with several other accounts. Once I can figure that out, I should be able to see what is wrong with the data or why Trakt isn’t find a match. It could be a TMDB vs. TVDB mismatch too.

I think I’ve found the reason, i’ve been doing some tests and with ASS you can choose whether to use metadata from anidb, tvdb or both (just saw it now supports TMDB as well). Looks like all my anime automatically use anidb. If I manually use tvdb, it scrobbles. I’ve just tried this with an anime that previously didn’t scrobble and now does. Simkl works because it supports anidb.

So it’s all good for me now! I’ll be careful to always use tvdb/tmdb now :slight_smile: I appreciate your help and i’m sorry it took me so long to figure it out.

Glad you figured it out! That does make perfect sense since we don’t have anidb support.

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