TV Show Rankings for each user to share

This might be a fantastic feature. The ability to rank all the TV Shows you watch in a given calendar year. I watched 30 shows. I can rank them 1-30, then share this with people/socially. You can also have a running ranking during that year. Continually adjust it as it goes. Just a thought. People ask me what im watching, what I like. I can just send them a link. Seems like the feature would be popular and get more people sharing and thus driving traffic to Trakt. Which might get a few folks to join and do own rankings.

Cool idea, but it seems like making a personal list with your ranking is the best way to do this. You can view all shows you watched in 2022 for example by using this link macleanw's show watched history - Trakt and you could add them to your list. Adding 106 shows will take a while, but I’m not sure if a dedicated feature would be any more useful then your own list where you can rank and leave notes on each item.

Thanks. I did this, didnt take long. The only issue is the ranking is based on the show, not season. So if I made a 2021 list, I could not compare it. since the same shows gets the same ranking year over year.

Ah true. Individual seasons can also be added to the list.

not sure i have the energy to redo :wink:

I have attempted to share my “2023 list” with others, with my rankings, but apparently they don’t see my rankings. therefor, sending this list, after i rank, is meaningless right? Its just a list of shows i have watched, with no context.

what link did you share?

Ah yes. My rating is always from the users perspective. So it’s on my rating not yours when I visit your list. You should rank them and order them by rank. Than it’s just listed 1 to 45. And whatever you put as 1 is 1.

Not sure what that means. I wanted them ordered, so i can share, by my ranking.

Yeah, but that you’re using the wrong feature. You don’t use lists for stuff you rate… you use the rating page. You can even set a date filter, and pick whatever type of content:

This is the link to your movies rated in 2022 (regardless of your watch date), sorted highest to lowest:

You can toggle the dividers off to get rid of the splits per date.

And these are the shows you’re rated, only four in 2022:

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I guess I was using lists, based on previous feedback, because I could then select which shows I want to rank. versus just all shows/movies.

This all started with a feedback about a way to share show rankings. In this case my 2022 TV Show list. There are certain shows I would not want to include, like news programs.

Actually, I think I got it. Based on your suggestions, but I get an error here when I try to share.

It allowed me to edit my post and share URL for some reason.