"User of the month" annoying notification

Hi, since the beginning of October I get these notifications everyday. Although I appreciate it, this is a bit annoying.

Thank you

Snímek obrazovky 2020-10-09 v 14.54.47 Snímek obrazovky 2020-10-09 v 14.56.39

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Me too! Just posted about it around the same time. LOL

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Is there an unsubscribe link in the email? or you might need to change the notification preferences in your forum settings? I’m not familiar enough with Discourse, but I’ll look if there are any admin level settings to help stop this as well.

It’s not just the emails, I’m getting notifications on the forum site as well so I guess tweaking the notification settings wouldn’t help

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I don’t see any settings in Discourse to disable or turn this off. Not sure if anyone who is more familiar with Discourse has any ideas?

Maybe ask at the Discourse Support Forums? I had to turn off all email support because of this. Or turn off all the ‘award’ type of thingies, may do it too. Regardless of turning off the email support (all this does is stop getting email notices!) I’m still spammed by ‘system’ notices when I log in to your Discourse web instance.

@justin This is all I could find, hopefully this makes more sense to you than it does to me.

I think that’s a different issue. This is spamming user of the month message, to my profile inbox from the Discourse system. I can’t see the ‘locale’ setting being involved.

:man_shrugging: Like I said I couldn’t find much info out there.

Did you by any chance not complete the beginners tutorial?
In that case it doesn’t reward the badge, and keeps notifying you apparantly.

They say it was fixed in a recent update, but I don’t know if the update it already applied to Trakt forums.


No, didn’t take it — Wasn’t new to Discourse. Good catch! Notice it was committed in late September on master. So, hopefully it is applied to this instance soon as they’re still piling up (notices).