My subscription expired without any warning

Today only after I opened Trakt I noticed all the ads and a red notice, that my subscription expired. There were no reminders or anything similar. Just went through all the emails in Junk and even Trash ,but nothing there. In Inbox only weekly movies and shows. Also forum summaries. Nothing about soon to expire subscription. That’s really bad experience.

Not only that, there’s something on PayPal side – it throws an error on subscriptions (not just Trakt), so not sure if it’s PayPal or my card (non-subscriptions work just fine)

Anyway, it would be great to get a reminder next time with an option to extend manually :thinking:


If the payment fails we sent an email with further instructions. My guess is PayPal didn’t try to charge the renewal yet for some reason, so it’s not really a payment failure, but rather a delay. I’m not sure if we can handle that scenario well or not, I’ll think about it more. If the original membership is active in PayPal, please cancel that so it doesn’t eventually charge.

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Yep, it was still there and active. Cancelled. Thanks for the heads up.
Still a reminder like a month/week before the end would be nice. Not only if payment fails :thinking:

I had the same issue some months ago and I lost my old vip subscription status :slight_smile:
I don’t know if it was a paypal issue or something different, but an email that will remind us that we need to pay would be great

I had the same issue at some point, ended up with an EP status in addition to a VIP, because i had initiated a manual payment, THEN Paypal decided to charge me :).

I do agree, a reminder email (or preferably as some do, several mails at 30, 15, 7, 3,1 days) would be useful, containing:

  • The date of the renewal
  • The source of the funds
  • if it’s a recurrent payment or if the automated payments have been canceled (if that is possible)
  • a reminder to check the validity of the payment means (expired cards are endless fun with automated payments :slight_smile:

And after the renewal has succeeded a PDF invoice sent automatically, or if it failed, a warning mail sent “it failed”.

I handle a fair number of automated payments in my line of work to various providers and vendors, and I find that this process works best, allowing me time to consider if i want to keep the service, check from where it’s paid and that the card used is still valid for it, and easily file the invoice after it’s paid (granted that last part for Trakt is likely less important as it provides a service mainly used for leisure activities, still, if you need the invoice, getting it automatically is wayyy better than having to look for it :grinning:)


Surely a simple solution is that you put reminders (repeating yearly) in your diary (as I do for all my subscription services) a month before, a week before and a few days before they are due for payment/expiry :wink:

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