Username change issues? Dead links

I recently changed my username (2 days ago or so), and all over the website there seem to be dead links to URLs containing my old username still. For example, when clicking through my “rated” pages of movies, clicking next page will often give me a 404, and I see in the URL that it tried going to my old profile. Is this due to their CDN caching requests for way too long or what? Any way I can resolve this or should I just wait it out.

EDIT: Yes I have tried clearing my cache and site data.

Did you reset your browser data yet? You can find it via the horizontal menu when going to settings. It’s in the Advanced tab from the top of my head.

Yeah, as mentioned in my post, I did try that. It seems to have been resolved on its own now. I think their CDN (cloudflare or something like that) was still caching my old username in some places or something.