What is going to happen to Podcast TV Series?

As TraktCast is being worked in it’s iOS BETA and later the Website will have a added Podcast Tab to the website how is the duplicate TV Series versions of Podcasts going to be managed?

Would the series be marked as a podcast and each episode synced up to transfer the data across to the actual series? Or is it just going to stay the same? Or could a simple link on the page for it be good to tell people to transfer there data across to the actual podcast itself.

How are there podcasts on trakt to begin with.
Oh wait it’s probably tvdb​:joy::joy::joy:

Yes it was because of TVDB, People also count them as Web Series when there’s a video version of them as technically they are both a Web Series & Podcast because of the Video & Audio Versions.

I also want to know what’s the plan if TraktCasts fails and gets shut down. It is an experiment after all.

What counts as a fail for Podcasts? I really like using it so far, missing some features as well as quality of life things but it’s still early days and would just be another section to the database opening it to more people.

What would cause it to fail other than the team just giving up keeping it going?