Why do Lists have all the power but our other pages don't?


On Trakt it seems like Lists are quite a bit more powerful than all our other pages (History, Progress, Collection, Ratings etc.).

On Lists I can:

  • Filter by Type (Movie, TV Show etc.)
  • Filter by Streaming service
  • Sort by a big range of options
  • Fade/hide by a big range of options

I can’t do all these things on my other pages.

Can you make all our pages consistently powerful?

For example, I can’t filter my History/Ratings by Streaming service to find a movie to rewatch via current subscription. I’ve had to duplicate my entire History/Ratings into a separate List just to do that.

Plz fix

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“Plz fix”

way to be rude.

On topic: Progress page has all that. (not filter by type of course)

I’m pretty sure the other pages you mention don’t have that because it’s not meant to used for “rewatching” or whatever. It’s meant for how it’s named. To check what you’ve rated, export it to import it elsewhere for example. Or to analyse it or whatever.

Also, collected is for what you’ve collected. You shouldn’t need to stream it. You’ve got it on DVD/Blu-ray/digital download etc.

I for one am not missing the functions there. Though I’m super happy with them on the progress page!

// EDIT: Just thought I should mention that the way to achieve what you’re specifically requesting as an example (to find a movie to rewatch on a specific service) is to just search and filter correctly on the website:

Here are movies streaming on Netflix, and then if you hide unwatched movies… there you go!


actually found now Search can’t be sorted (e.g. by my rating) so would have been better to sort Rating page directly by Streaming service etc. etc.

also the fade/hide and type and sort option capabilities seem randomly scattered over our pages

please fix making all consistent and equally powerful

Seriously Sah. Just because someone doesn’t agree with something. Doesn’t mean you have to report their post…

If it’s not you, then whoever it is, is seriously doing it on all my replies to you/where you reply just after me. But you even liked my post. :exploding_head:


Lists use your browser to apply sorting and filtering all client side. Other sections don’t load all the data at once, which is why it can’t support as many filters.