Why does the comment need to be English only?

Okay, I understand English is the universal language and when posting a comment regarding a show or movie people should write it in English so that others can understand better. But if the original language of the show isn’t in English, then why restricting people to comment on English only? I was watching a show which originally released in Hindi and when I tried to post a comment on the app which I wrote in Hindi, it refused to post, got the error messages, “Something went wrong submitting your comment…” No clear mention what the error was. So I tried the website and there I got the actual reason that the comment should be in English only.

So, fix these things.

  1. Comments can be posted in different language if that show is in different language.
  2. Mention properly what’s went wrong in the app.


In answer to your first question, I would imagine having to comment in English on Non English content, might be because, there are a huge amount of people who watch Non English shows/movies with subtitles (myself included) as I only read and speak English, and if I wanted to see comments on a Hindi show or movie, having comments written in Hindi wouldn’t help me very much, as you say English is a universal language, therefore caters to most of the world.

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The main reason is we’re not able to moderate non English comments effectively. The app should have the correct error message reflected though, that is a bug.


damn I was wrong :rofl:

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Valid point though. I wouldn’t be interested in other language comments. As I can’t read those (unless they’re Dutch lmao).

I hate foreign language reviews that are machine-translated on webshops too :cloud_with_lightning::cloud_with_lightning::cloud_with_lightning:


Well, there are even larger numbers of people who watch non-English shows without subtitles because it is their own native language.
And they would like to comment in their language, but they don’t care whether American users can read it or not. They write these comments for people from their own nation.


Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Most regional contents are watched by that particular region’s people, and if a show becomes popular, they dub it into other languages too. Take ‘Dark,’ for example, which was a German show and was dubbed into many other languages. Same thing with Squid Game.

I totally get wanting to comment on your own native language shows using your language… but I also see the point of the devs and mods here.

I work with many projects/teams around the world and a few of them are created by devs in their language and translated to English after, so you can post in either language, however, most (even if the devs aren’t native English) are created/staffed by English users. The point I’m making here, one such site I work with was created and maintained by English users but they originally allowed people to comment in their native language and we have a large Dutch based group of users so Dutch is pretty common but none of ‘us’ (the staff) speak or read that language. After about a year of allowing this, we had a user decide that they would make a bunch of political statements (in Dutch) about how a certain Austrian person from the past was ‘right’ and that the world needs to accept his beliefs. (I don’t want to say specifics and get in trouble here, but hopefully you know who I’m talking about. Hint: WW2).

These messages called for violence against specific people based on race/religion and those comments remained on the site for almost 2 days before one of us realized what they were talking about. (Thankfully a Dutch user that is a friend of mine brought this to our attention and we quickly removed it and banned the user.) After that incident, we started allowing enforncing a rule that Dutch users can only post “Thank you” in their language and all other messages/comments must be in English because it’s harder to moderate the world’s 100+ different languages when at best your staff/team may know 3 or 4… maybe a few more, but you get the idea.

—Edit, Fixed my mistake above


A hint: the person from the past was Austrian.

This sums up exactly why most forums and discords use English, companies cannot have moderators knowing every language there is, that’s the bottom line, English is " basically" universal and can be observed and moderated the most efficiently.


Sorry for the confusion I was doing a bunch of stuff and I apologize for getting that wrong but you’re right

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