Language support in Comments

Hi team,

New joiner here. :slight_smile:
Have only been using the service for a couple of days, but so far I loved it quite much!

Just out of curious, why is only English allowed for Comments? Is there a specific context for that? If we are worrying about readability or the simplicity of communication, I guess that makes sense. But if that’s the case, would an auto-translate feature (like the one YouTube/Facebook is using) be the solution to it? :smiley:

Also, it’s kinda interesting to me that the Comments feature is English only, but Recommend feature actually supports foreign languages. Is that a happy bug? :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi AP_CHIN! Glad to hear you’re liking Trakt. At this time we’re a small staff and primarily English speakers. In order for us to moderate and provide a quality product, we need to be able to understand what’s being posted both in comments and in the show or movie data. Hopefully one day we’ll grow enough to be able to support multiple languages.