Absolute order of anime episodes

TVDB has a system of absolute order and for anime that was very useful because some of how the seasons are divided in different ways on Anilist, My anime list, TVDB and TMDB.
On trakt that number was shown on ( )
Like this for example: 2x22 (61) Another Maou
So, when those shows change to TMDB is there a way to get those absolute numbers there? Maybe with the episode groups? If there is not then will you take the ( ) out of the episodes of the anime that switch databases?

So, is there any updates on what will happen to these anime? There are a few that show the absolute number as (0) and now that can’t be fixed.
Like this one, after episode 2x05:
Laid-Back Camp Season 2 - Trakt.tv

@justin @sean tmdb doesn’t allow for numbers in their titles like this, do we have a plan? i feel like we discussed this before