[?] Bleach Seasons Numbering

I was curious to know if it were possible to adjust the season numbering for Bleach. Right now when looking at the Seasons it’s Season [Episode Number] [1xAbsolute Number]
Here’s an example: Season 2 - 1 (1x21).

Can this be an option, S{season:00}E{episode:00} - {absolute:000}
So episode one in Season 2 would be - Season 2 - S02E01 - 021

I would be more than happy to help with this one, if that makes a difference. Anyway I was just curious on your thoughts. Thanks.

It’s originally aired with continuous numbering :woman_shrugging:

Those season splits are made up by the west or for western market.

TMDb offers it in the way of episode groups so if Trakt finds a way to implement that, episode groups/alternative orders, that would be your solution.

We do have episode groups on Trakt. It’s the drop down next to the seasons on the main show page.

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Right, I forgot all about that!!!
(I don’t use it often hahahaha)

Thank you for the replies. I do understand that everything is grabbed the way TMDB has it, I was just curious about the way the season splits are numbered was all. Again I appreciate the answers.