Add Movie from the wacthlist into progress

Hi team,

I don’t know if it exists now (I haven’t been able to do it). It is possible to include the movies that I have on my Watchlist in Progress, just as it can be enabled in the settings for the TV Shows that I am adding to my watchlist.
I like to keep track of what I’m going to see on that side and it would be very useful for me to have the movies on that list, so they don’t accumulate on my pending list.

Thanks for any opinion on it. Regards

I’m not sure movies make sense since the sorting options are very different for shows vs movies. A lot of stuff doesn’t apply to movies. The design of that page wouldn’t really work (only grid mode would).


It is something very personal, because of the way I use the website. Surely yes, only grid mode would work.

I agree with you that the data between movies and shows is different.

An idea on the air in case at some point somewhere it fits.

Regards and thanks for the great work.

Hold on for a second here. You can manipulate new shows you place in watchlist to come into your progress as they become available?
Right now I place a future show, ie release date month from now, into watchlist and I have to remember to look there when it becomes available.

Yes, you can do it. In settings → Progress → Watched Progress, you can check the box “Included Washlited”.

Now when the future show will be released, it will appear in your Progress.


You can sort your progress by release date instead of last watched!