Don't Judge me: is there an app for couples?

i’m sorry ok

Is there an app that can be shared stats and stuff. Meaning me and my girlfriend have two accounts on trakt. We watch the same shows and now with quarantine once again its one has different speed and when we watch stuff. Is there an app that can:

  • i can see when she check in on an episode (vice-versa)
  • i can see that i have watch that episode but she doesn’t yet (vice-versa)
  • i can see which ones i have seen and she doesnt (vice-versa)

you get the idea.


If you friend her and she friends you back you can see whether she has watched an episode or not. Or movie etc. And the rating. And how many episodes of a show. Etc etc.


that can happen from the web only.
I prefer an app that has some features like that.

You both have an iPhone? Then you can see it on the beta App.

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