Help ticket button blocking toolbar

Hey guys -

When using the DiscourseHub app, the Help Ticket button is blocking the toolbar which prevents you from switching to other forums.

The only way to switch is to force close the app.

Attached images for comparison.


Important. This is extremely frustrating.

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I came here to report the exact same issue, only to see that it has already been reported.

I do appreciate the fact that you have a designated button. It makes it clear that, other than the forum users can actually get in touch with support. Only the location is unfortunate. Not sure where to put it though as the toolbar on the iPadOS app is at the top.

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I have no issues on my iPhone. The help ticket is on the website screen and not on the browser.

Oh it’s about an app. :sweat_smile:

Besides force closing the app, I just discovered the following workaround:

  1. Hold the device in landscape
  2. Tap just left of the Helpdesk ticket button

Or also, just tap just right of the Helpdesk ticket button.

This seems to have the same effect as taping on the arrow to return to the list of other forums.
I don’t know if this will work on all devices, but it does on a iPhone 13 Pro Max. YMMV