Is there a guide to scrobbling with or without plex?

I know it’s “possible” - it’s in the features list after all - but for someone not already doing it and passing the results through to Trakt, how does one get started (for free, preferably)? Is it doable even if you access your shows/movies through a variety of services or do you have to view your content via a PC in order to then run software that passes the info on to Trakt? I suggest a guide posted on the site somewhere that explains with a Trakt-specific perspective would be helpful.

IF you want to scrobble via Plex, you have to buy a Plex Pass membership so you can use the Trakt Webhook.

Here’s more info about it:

It used to be possible to scrobble without membership on Plex via plugins. But that’s long defunct, sadly :frowning:

Is there no automated way to pull in your viewing information from other services aside from Plex?

The Apps page has several media centers listed up top and all those have automated ways to track what you’re watching. Kodi, Infuse, etc.

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