My experience in almost 8 years on Trakt

As my VIP is about to expire, I felt the need to explain why I don’t see myself getting it again. Trakt is built into the fabric of my day and is far and away the best means I’ve found to not only keep track, but discover new things to watch. That said, “best” is a relative term, and more often than not the gripes erase what might otherwise be an enjoyable experience and turn it into feeling like chores or an exercise in patience.

Loading. I feel like I’m always waiting for something to load. When it doesn’t load, like the grid feature in looking at shows, you’re left with a broken site or open question if it’s supposed to look that way. You can feel the perhaps creative desire to provide “fresh” or “new” ways to look at or interact with the data, but if it works at all, it’s unclear what purpose it would serve unless it stopped you from clicking into more pages that needed loading.

I thought I’d find the stats for the “Year in Review” more interesting and accessible. It obviously only nominally trakts what I’ve input and from when I began, but with the amount of times it has bugged/erased when I’ve watched something, it’s frustrating to think I’m supposed to look at my “history” which is really whatever “fix” of dates I’m claiming to have watched a series. I watched the entirety of One Piece in a few years. I can’t draw on that time period and tie it to anything else going on in my life after it glitched my views. I like to estimate if/when I’ll be able to experience giant pieces of work like that. I can’t anymore.

It never “flows.” It’s several clicks to even record things, add the pauses and loading, and if you’re watching multiple different things, add the traversing between pages to discover one of the shows was hidden, unbeknownst to you, or refuses to display an earlier episode as next to watch because you caught one later in the series first.

If I try to add something to the watchlist…does it add? I can’t tell how many shows don’t display on my calendar or disappear altogether after attempts are made to add them at different times.

I wish I knew how my watching habits compared to others. I wish the system for protecting against spoilers was more robust. I wish I could view more shows at once and organize them in a way that made sense for what I’m watching as it’s airing verses what I’m watching “on the side.” I wish the search worked. I wish all of the extra and mis-labeled redundant entries for things like Derren Brown or mini-movies we condensed. I wish the run-times were acurrately depicted. I wish well before all of the third party-integration updates, the basic bones functioned in a fun and smooth way.

I wouldn’t feel particularly moved to say anything, but I finally paid. I finally said this hobby and this information was meaningful enough to me to deserve money and a kind of attention I don’t pay to many things. What am I paying for? I almost lost the data entirely! Can I export it somewhere?

I have to sign in and out sometimes 3 times to record things when it wants to loop me and say “You’ve already signed in.” I have to sometimes go on a dozen click parade to remove a single play because trakt can’t accurately display if something has been watched. It doesn’t seem capable of parsing seasons for shows like Ridiculousness or The Challenge when it has off-shoots.

I bought trakt so I could copy lists, see the year in review, and do some of the busy work in refreshing pages that were not up to date. I’d still like to not encounter junk pages that are confusing, redundant, and wrong and not have to pay for the privilege to report or fix them. It just feels like after 8 years, a lot of the “learning stages” things have never been fixed if ever addressed.

I’ll never bother with trying to get it to read my “collection” again, that was a joke. I also don’t bother with Plex or Kodi and auto-scrobbling. It can barely seem to manage getting the majority of shows and movies accurately displayed, let alone discern the truth of what you’re doing with various episode titles or folder designations. Things people have been in don’t even display under their profile or a phantom extra-entry shows that you haven’t watched it when you swore you have. You can’t get a person added to the cast with ease. There appears to be no rhyme or reason behind what constitutes a “guest” star.

I don’t know how to not just list complaints. What’s good about it? I can, mostly, keep track of what I’m watching and review my history. That’s what I need it to do most and do well. I want to feel like my data is safe and accessible, and the thousands of hours I have spent with shows or across the platform aren’t incidental to the site’s identity and how it thinks it should function.

I’m glad I caught the guy asking if he could pay more. That’s the thing. I would/want to too. I feel like I’ve carried on and on about what is otherwise a free service. I’d rather all of the above be rendered mute for some seemingly-stupid-to-pay premium, but would change the fundamental nature and experience of my time on the site. When the site went down, I kinda made my peace that it could all be gone. I didn’t expect backups or the stuff of the last couple weeks to get restored. The folly of how much time I’ve spent trying to collect and organize all came to a head and I started conceiving of my data in the terms laid about by my folders and downloads and backup service I pay for.

I want “better,” but I don’t know how to support a service attempting to do what feels like way too many things at once, and none of them in a particularly compelling way. That’s not me trying to be mean or judgmental, just kind of sad, as Trakt is a persistent browser tab like my email, reddit, and budget.


That is a very thorough and respected post.
I will not argue on your excellent written thoughts and arguments about service but i will stay for the problems that you have. You say about having to click multiple times to get something on the watchlist, sometimes it appears some times it disappear or about saying “you already sign in”

These and maybe some others that are issues that made you not to want to pay are not happening to me. These are most common with ad-blockers and other content/ad remove plugins. I’m just saying. Maybe some of your issues are easily fixable.

I cannot argue about the “almost lost everything and how to export” paragraph. That was a really bad think with trakt but Justin (which do not forget that this is not amazon, its 3-4 people running the main site) promised a complete backup feature and he tends to deliver.

Yes i also found some times the menu, options, clicks and that stuff to be over flashy in order to display and make the experience more “out of there” but i do not have so many issues as you with day to day activity.

I assume from your post that you are using mainly the web site interface to checkin or do stuff in trakt, have you tried an app ? if you have an iPhone (have recommendations) there are many apps that can do that job very easy and without any fuss. Also android has apps (can’t recommend though).


I do the vast majority from the website. I don’t have an Iphone. I don’t really expect any fixes tbh, but the “bonus” months before my subscription expires just prompted reflection.

ok as i said, most of your issues are not happening to users
do you have ad-blocks or other add-ons on your browser ?

@dogg724 Thank you taking the time to write all this, we read and appreciate all feedback good or bad. Since there is a lot to answer, I will first start by asking if you’ve contacted support about any of this? I didn’t see any support tickets from you when I searched. We would need screenshots and steps to reproduce any issues.

I also agree with @great_vc that many of these issues are typically because of an ad blocker or browser extension that is breaking the website in some way. A good place to start is by using a private browser window or another browser and see if it works any better.

I’m actually about to release a new automatic backups feature, probably later today. Here’s a blog post explaining how it will work.

The Trakt API is also free to all members and all your data can be retrieved there.

We use TMDB for all metadata, so things like runtime and incorrect info need to be corrected there and Trakt will auto update about 24 hours later.

Please use the “report” button in the sidebar of the website. That alerts our moderation team about items we need to merge, remove, update, etc.

I encourage you to write support with specific issues or questions, I think we can answer or help fix a lot of this with more specific info. If it’s a feature request, we make a note and add those to our task list too.


I do have ad-blockers. When I attempt to use the site in a private window as Justin suggested, I’m not noticing a difference, but I’m not sure if there’s a particular aspect like the loading you’re referring to, which stays the same.

I’ve sent in a few reports with the button on different pages. Most of them have come back as adjusted and resolved. I preoccupied myself on this page considerably more years ago than I do now, so a good portion of what I wrote is referencing a long period of time.

I don’t know how long it would take me to figure out which browser extension might be breaking the site, but whatever my gripes, I suspect I’d be more annoyed by engaging the process to figure it out more than I am by how the site works for me.

A few people mentioned the backups coming. That’s awesome and I’m thankful.

I feel like I knew Trakt pulled from TMDB. I might’ve tried to change things there in the past and found it less than fun and gave up. Again, it’s been years since I’ve done the quasi-OCD thing regarding my movies and shows.

I appreciate the need for specificity. To the extent I find myself particularly preoccupied with the labeling and corralling of shows and find myself with an ungodly amount of time and misplaced attention again, I will surely report with much enthusiasm.

Your time in speaking to this is appreciated. It’s considerably more than I experience in other areas where a series of mild-grievances are conveyed. I suppose I’ll go ahead and renew.

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Automatic backups were released last week. Check out the article for more info.

I use an ad blocker and have zero of the problems listed in this post.


I’m going to try and make a more concerted effort to screenshot the things I come across. I genuinely want the site to be as good as it can be and I literally might spend as much time on it as I do any other site. I’ve got the backup scheduled.

Pre-first one (picture) attempt: Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.

::tries again 3 times with different filetypes::

First one:

Have you tried to reset your browser cache?
You can do that at Settings > Advanced > Reset Browser Data.

The other thing that causes this error are AdBlocks. Like others said, I don’t recommend you using them on the website.

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i’m sorry but it reminds me of this mess that we had with dial-up :joy:

You have i see at least two same ADblockers, and many many addons, Have you tried from a different computer? i’m betting that nothing of the issues will appear on a fresh installation.


Grid view does not work with ad blockers on the progress page. I am not sure as to why. That appears to be the issue you are having, it happens to me as well.

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I didn’t need to reset anything. All I had to do was disable the blocker and refresh.