Plays No Longer Scrobbling

As of this morning my plays are not scrobbling with Trakt.

I haven’t changed anything in my set up. I have tested on multiple devices. I have tested on both internet and cellular.

Any issues or suggestions?

Which specific app isn’t working? I’d first try to re-authenticate your Trakt account with the app. I’d also check any log files from the app to see if there are more specific errors.

I don’t think I can re-authicate as I am using the webhook. I did re-added the webhook to my server settings. I have looked at the logs in Tautilli but I don’t see anything specific to the webhook. I have tried using the mobile app on a Chromebook and Pixel 7, as well as the web app on both devices.

Update: Added the hook again and now it’s working.

Ok, glad that worked. I don’t know why, but sometimes Plex breaks the web hook after the Plex Media Server is updated and re-adding it seems to be the workaround.

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I’m having a problem with my plays no scrobbling to my streaming APIs or APKs or whatever they are called. I have BeeTv and NovaTV connected to my Trakt account and neither one will scrobble plays of movies over to my history when I click to download my watched history from Trakt in the setting on both without my having to reauthenicate Trakt every time. Any ideas or suggestions on what caused the problem or what I can do to fix it so the fix is more permanent instead of temporary.

That sounds like a bug with the apps you’re using. Please reach out to the 3rd party app developers directly since they would need to implement a fix for authentication in app.

I’ll have to see if I can find who the developers are, but it might be a longshot. Thanks for the help.