Problems. You or me? + Especially bad connection today?

I just renewed for another year.
But recently, I am having a few problems.
Firstly, movies I have seen, several times, are now marked as not seen. No history at all of ever having seen it.
Not a huge tragedy or anything. But it is a little frustrating as many of my lists are in “order of watched date” Also some are film series, ordered by last seen, but they were last seen in the right order for the series.
In the grand scheme of things, and the price, not a big deal. I appreciate the app and the people behind it.
Is there something happening there that could be losing a few drips along the way? Because this year it has got worse. This week, I have found 7 that have lost their watched history.
Being me, is difficult! Being as daft as a brush and I admit, I have less brains than a mime has words! So, is it me? Have I pressed the SELF DESTRUCT button?

As I said, I renewed for another year today, so it isn’t a massive issue. I don’t want the team to dash around, looking under the sofa cushions for my lost history! :laughing:
But today, has been a terrible Trakt day for me. I keep getting the cloudflare telling me, that the guy over there, with the long hair, next to the lady with the shaved head and a tuft of pink hair, has unplugged Trakt, to plug in the hair dryer!
I couldn’t log in to Trakt on any device. Then I can, then I can’t. Is there a problem there today today? Is it just the renewal of my VIP causing me a few glitches? Today is the worse day since the Christmas crash a year or two ago.
To me, the ignorant user, who couldn’t write a code to turn on a l.e.d. light, but I feel, maybe there is a few adjustments that would of been a better way to spend time, rather than introducing the plog or plug kist or X pod… I know! Not only am I ignorant, I am also ancient and wouldn’t know my Xbox from a pod cast! So for everyone else, probably prefer the new bit!
It just seems maybe you are stretching a bit thin, and mistakes are being made. Or I have fat fingers and keep wiping history or random programmes. But I am a little frustrated, after selecting a big chunk of movies, to file, instead I get cloudflare and lose them all and have to start again.

But over the years, you have been an excellent service and despite the recent issues (Mine or yours regardless) I am still a happy user.

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The server issues are related to the caching servers and we’re looking into the cause to see what’s going on.


Thank you Director Sir!
You have probably posted that everywhere and I was just to silly to find it.
I appreciate your work.
Thank you for the fast reply.
I will just leave it alone til later.
Thanks again.