Renewal link. Subscription due to expire

I’ve just received a subscription renewal reminder.

What’s the possibility that Trakt will eventually offer a lifetime subscription to VIP like Plex did and other suppliers. I’ve subscribed to VIP with trakt for a few years now but unfortunately until they offer a lifetime sub, I won’t be renewing again.

Since installing sonarr on my servers there’s no real need for me to use trakt as much now, and if I did the features I would use are free to all anyway.

If a dev from trakt reads this, please consider offering a lifetime sun as $60 a year is extortion.

We have no plans to offer a lifetime VIP membership unfortunately. We have a $30 VIP yearly plan (not only $60). Trakt expenses continue to growly yearly, which is why yearly renewing memberships helps scale with those costs. We’ll be working on more server updates this week in fact, and the funds are a big help with paying for those added infrastructure expenses.

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