Thank you Trakt, for everything

I have been using Trakt for years.
It has had a really bad fault one Christmas and it was down for quite a while. Inconvenient, sure.
It has just had a small problem with a caching server. A few little issues along the way, that may of been a 3rd party error.

But that is over 3 or 4 years. So a pretty Stella performance, for an ever growing service, with improvements, new features and tweaks constantly evolving. There are bound to be blips along the way, especially when they are dependent on machines, that can and will break.
Yes, they could have 10 back ups running at all times, but that will cost us 10 x more money.

Tip-toe along the line between safe and affordable, must be an hour by hour balancing act!
I don’t know a single thing about coding. Honestly I couldn’t even write 1 line. Wouldn’t even know where to type the code.
So I have no idea how many people you have there, to keep everything up to date, evolve to continue being able to connect to everything, improve, add features.

Then there is this forum, where you can moan and complain, ask for new features, ask questions and have a chat.

Not only that, but you get a reply from a director!

Everyone probably wishes it did more. I know I do. I would like it to have a movie file, that you could put a disaster file and mystery file and romance file, that in turn you can put the movies.
I expect they could do all of our requests. But more coders would be needed, and for some reason, they probably want to get paid! Maybe more gadgets to make it work and the manufacturer wants to be paid too!
Trakt isn’t a charity! So they have to pay and be paid.
So again, it would cost us more.

I think they have a really great app here. It must take so much work, so many machines. So much time and energy. I imagine, also a lot of frustration and annoyance at times.

Or maybe it is a kid on a ZX Spectrum (Google it :smile: ) who can type very fast and has an incredible knowledge of world wide movie and television facts.

I wanted to say Thank You to that kid, or the team, dedicated to keeping Trakt up and running. Making it so easy to use, making it easily compatible with other programmes, while still keeping it affordable for everyone.

Thank you for explaining things in a way I could understand. It can be hard to know what is happening, when a 3rd party app has an issue with Trakt. Is it me? Is it my isp? Is it my 3rd party app? And also explaining why something pretty simple and straightforward to me, is just not currently simple for Trakt or the 3rd party app, to do what I was expecting.

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions of someone who missed any form of computer education by 1 year. The questions were probably ridiculous to anyone with a vague idea of coding, even if they didn’t know much!

A big thanks for taking the time to answer questions that you probably learned in preschool!


you are insulting me :rofl:
My first BASIC programming course in house tutor after of course i had 2 hours allowed to play games


In fact, my first computer was the ZX81! For a computer, it sure made a great door stop and a reasonable calculator!
But I think even the genius kid with encyclopedic worldwide knowledge of TV and movies, could figure out a use for the ZX81!
I forgot about the butt of many a joke. I didn’t have it for long, before upgrading to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum with the little rainbow :rainbow: on the corner and rubbery keys. Then years later, the ZX Spectrum 2, with the built in cassette tape player!
Blast from the past! The games were not downloaded, no disks. You would buy a cassette tape with the game on it, then play the cassette to the spectrum and wait half an hour+ to wait for it to finish! And if I remember rightly, you had to do that every time you wanted to play that game.

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you are explaining this to the wrong guy, of course the original spectrum with the plastic keys, never gone to the next version, always carying with me a cassete player portablle with tha jack cable and a black and white tv small one that we had.

those gen Z and tiktok people will never understand ultra Geeks :nerd_face:


And a ZX81 in your pocket? Just in case you need an individual calculator or door stop?
Does the black and white TV have a coat hanger as an aerial and tuner knobs?
Very High tech!
I hope you can connect it to your beta-max!


Thanks for the kind words and glad you’re enjoying the service :slight_smile: