Thanks, Trakt!

Just want to say I appreciate the change to Discourse! I haven’t used it before, so it’s an adjustment for me, but I understand just from all the features I’ve already encountered what an upgrade it is! I know it is an adjustment for others as well, and then for many it is a welcome and familiar friend. I know you’ll get a range of reactions, but I just want to say as one of the people who it is an adjustment for, I still applaud and appreciate the change! I can tell it is a huge improvement, even if it means a bit of a learning curve for me! :laughing:

Thanks for all the hard work you all do to continually improve Trakt and make it better!!


Here here! Looks great and seems packed with functions. The tutorial bot alone shows how well thought out the platform is.
Really slick on mobile too!


Agreed. And the search alone is worth the learning curve. :+1:t2: