Ticket Box - Android app

Hi everyone,
I am the developer of Ticket Box and a VERY long Trakt user.
I use Trakt website when I watch movies on my PC but there are situations where I just need an app to quicklymark an episode as watched or add a movie that a friend recommended to my watchlist so I don’t forget about it. Trakt works great, I love it but it is faster for this situations to work from mobile so… Ticket Box.
The ideea started like this but I keept added functionality once I started, and I now have a quite decent android app(in my opinion).

My question is: How can I get my app listed in the Trakt apps section under android tab ?

Link to app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ro.madcodestudios.ticket.box

Hi and welcome. The easiest way would be to send a ticket to support and I’ll make sure the right people see it.

Hi Kate, sorry for the late response,
I have logged in to the support forum and I clicked on the button “Contact support”. I hope that is the correct way to do it, I have listed there the app details. Hope I get a response soon.

I should probably mention that I did not receive an email, with my ticket and I don’t know where to look for it. Maybe it needs some kind of approval for my ticket to be accepted?

great app, missing some things for me to use it fully but great job!

I am glad you like the app.
I am the only developer of the app and it takes some time to add functionality to it but I do try to always add new features.
If you would like to elaborate a bit on what functionality is missing and you would like to see I would gladly add it if I think it is useful for other users as well.

well, one of the things is domething it´s missing on trakt : ablility to to sort ratings inline and not posters ( history on the app ) . it´s easyer on the eyes when there´s a lot of items. cathode does that, the inline listing, but it does not show our ratings. also a zone for new shows :slight_smile:

but im loving that i can make cards to post on my diary : https://www.facebook.com/pedropt.eu/posts/3103485733302414

You are saying that on the history page there should be an option to sort items by ratings?

Nice picture, I recognize the app :smiley: if you can spread the word a little bit about the app, that would also be helpful.

Btw we also have a facebook page, discord and reddit page, in application just go to “settings → about” to see the links

you should add the app to “producthunt” and “alterntiveto” .
no what i mean is a “Line” view and not poster view.
something like this along with out rating on the poster on in the te/ top left in the row of the item :

I know 1 of the websites… I never tough I to add it there… That is actually a good idea. Thnx.

As for the “UI” part. That is a bit hard to do. The problem is that on a phone I can add the lines “style” and it will look ok, but on a tablet or phones with very wide screen, it will not. So there are all kinds of diferent styles you need to consider when doing something like ths. I will write this request down but for now, there are other things for me to add, since the app is missing actual functionality.

For the ratings on the poster:
On the “Up next to Watch” page, you can disable them(from the settings). I can add this option for more pages if you think this is required. This is not that hard to do.
Top right are the ratings you gave for a movie/show. I am assuming those are the only ones that are “problematic”

i like to take Screenshots of my movie diary and post. if its in poster mode, since my phone is not big it will only be one movie lol, one day. inline i can post 5 at once . but i guess it depends on the usage. overall i love it . also it has statistics witch i wanted :stuck_out_tongue: