Tomorrow there will be not a new One Piece episode to track?

Is it possible to fix this?

I really didn’t understand how we are supposed to fix the comparison between TMDB and TVDB.

well… tvdb closed their database… I don’t know if it’s still open, or for how long, but there data isn’t being updated on the site, and I can imagine why. I don’t give a flying f&ck about the database anymore.

Just contribute to TMDb.

Since tvdb uses story arc season splits, while tmdb uses other splits. Those long running (shounen) shows are just messy. They can’t be automatically migrated, so Justin will have to do that manually…

I just sent a support e-mail listing what is different from one database to the other on One Piece. But it will probably take time for Justin to move everything since there are a lot of differences. Can’t update TVDB to add this week’s because it is closed. So if it is not there when you watch, take note on the date and time and add manually when the episode appears.