Trakt Fan - Thank You

I just wanted to say - I’ve been VIP for 3 years now. Trakt is hands-down the best thing I’ve found for tracking this kind of stuff. A heart-felt “Thank-You” for the entire Trakt team for creating something this amazing. Hats off, all.


You’re welcome, we appreciate that and thanks for all your support!


Hello everyone by the way Happy New Years to all. I also will like to thank you all at TRAKT for the great work that you all have been doing. I’m just like (Travvyt) If I’m not mistaken I have about a year and half with TRAKT as a VIP member and seems to be an awesome app to use.
Cool App which keeps all your tv shows, movies updated and working even when you change builds I could still find my watched history etc.
Thanks again guys


I’m in my seventh year as VIP and can just concur. Terrific service!


You are spot on mate

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7years of VIP on my side & love the site also
just a french translation for the movies titles & summary would be a killing feature :wink:


Ditto! Apparently I’m on my 11th year total and I guess 10 for VIP (it launched in 2014?) :sweat_smile:

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