Trakt recommender update (couchmoney) - TV shows now in early alpha!

Hey yeah apologies for the late reply, and sorry dark mode is not on the priority list at the moment - you’re the first person to request it as far as I can recall! Hopefully it’s the type of app that you can deal with the white noise while you set up your lists, and then just cruise into the entertainosphere from there on.

Being able to customize the format of auto generated list titles and descriptions right on Sign in to Trakt - Trakt would be nice! Thanks for this recommender!

I have a question about how to you do to make it so it dont recomend show/Movies that i dont want to see.

I’ve asked a similar question. The answer was to rate those that you don’t want to see as a 0 or 1.
But personally I don’t want to rate a show or movie that I haven’t watched so I live with the recommendations and hopefully the more shows/movies I rate the more it will learn my “type”.

Have you looked at the filters? You can select genres by clicking on the edit icon. This might help reduce those that you don’t want to see.

Yes i think i have locked at the filter in coach money, the filters in trakt dont move them if i dont mark it watched, i dont want to rate or marked it watched if i havent. I have put them in a list in trakt as dont want to see. I i dont find a option in coach money that consider my personal list except for based on a list, but that would just create a list of More films / series i might not want. To watch. Best regards

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@simiansays - How often do the lists that this created update?

Hey sorry for the extensive delay, I’m not here often :slight_smile:

Lists update in a queue after you perform a Trakt “watch” or “rate” action. The queue sometimes gets long - like 12 hours long - but usually it’s within a few hours.

Secret trick to get a list to immediately update: if you edit a list in Couchmoney, but don’t change anything and just go through to “Save” on the final edit screen, you get bumped to the front of the queue.


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I have a strange one. I have 2 Couchmoney lists that have been deleted in Couchmoney that keep adding daily in Trakt. If I leave it 2 days I get them added twice, if I leave it a week I get 14 lists. I’ve messaged the developer on Reddit but he’s not replied. Anyone know how to stop this or to delete my account?

To disconnect couchmoney from your trakt account:

  1. On the trakt website, go to settings
  2. At the top right, click on “connected apps” (If you’re on mobile, you’ll need to scroll to the right to see it)
  3. Click the red X next to couchmoney, and confirm when the popup asks you to.

This did not rectify my issue as soon as I added Couchmoney again the issue is there.

Right, I see. This would only work if you wanted to permanently disconnect your couchmoney account. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution otherwise, sorry.