Urusei Yatsura - Absolut number

Hi, I notice the episodes have an absolute number.

From what I had understood it was necessary, to have this numbering, it had to be categorized animation and from Japan and that the source was TVDB. Since the current source is TMDB, I would like to know how the series can have the same absolute number over several episodes. Thanks.

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It’s a show with two segments in each episode. So episode 1 has segments 1A and 1B.

See also this discussion about the practice on tmdb;

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Episodes got the absolute number because in order to properly split user’s data (to match TMDB’s recent split), I moved it to TVDB to get the original order, then, split those episodes and migrated it back.
We can remove the absolute numbers, as they can’t be updated anymore if that is what you are requesting.


Thanks for the answers.
No no, I don’t want them removed, on the contrary because I was against the splitting of TMDB and I find it clearer. I just wanted to know how the mapping could be done if other series could be cut for “wrong reasons”.

I can edit absolute numbers, so, you can report any anime that have been split and I can add the absolute numbers, just like Urusei Yatsura has them.
(I will update Urusei and Tomo-chan weekly as both have been split and are seasonal anime)

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