Utilizing a Different Source for a Particular Show

Was curious if there was a way to manually change or request that a particular show use a different source. The Nevers uses TMDB, but because of an abstract rule on TMDB the second half of the season is required to be listed as specials. This screws up various tracking aspects for anyone trying to mark their progress through the show (ie. the show appears as complete on my progress page despite only having half the series watched, there’s no way to know there was new episodes unless you think to check manually, etc).

TVDB lists the new episodes correctly as part of the season so is there a way for myself to change for my use or request to be changed the source for a show?


This is part of a larger issue: Let's talk about TMDB

Unfortunately TMDB staff has summarily rebuked the many complaints made there about how certain shows are formatted, and Trakt staff have not given a direct response as to how such an issue could be resolved on this end. Others and myself have already suggested decentralizing sources or making Trakt its own source. We will have to wait and see.

Unbelievable how many complaints come out about TMDB, but the support people just don’t give a damn.

Alright so it seems there is nothing I can do to change things, but is it possible for mods of this site to adjust The Nevers so the second half of the season is correctly listed? Not sure of what to do, I put in a report on the Nevers Specials season page, but I don’t see a way to check if my report has been seen, accepted, rejected, etc so I obviously don’t want to report it again.

You can login and go to your profile on tmdb to see if mods have changed it.

If you mean on trakt you can go to settings and then it’s like on of the last tabs in the horizontal menu called reports!

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I did see the report on this show, but in this case TMDB’s logic is not wrong. The episodes did not air in their original network, they never aired on TV, so they can’t be part o the TV season.
For example, many anime have OVAs of specials that are extra episodes, sometimes they even are sequels and were produced as part of the TV season, but they couldn’t air on TV because of squedule, delays or bad production. Those episodes are always added as specials.
For example: Heaven’s Design Team - Trakt
The special episode aired one week after the last episode of season 1, but only on setreaming. The streaming channels consider it as part of the season (Heaven’s Design Team - Crunchyroll). It is a direct continuation and it is considered to be episode 13, but it can’t be added in the main season as it didn’t air in the original channel.
In your settings there is an option to include specials in your progress section if you wish.

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Is there somewhere on Trakt where I can read Trakt’s rules regarding this? I read the rules on TMDB and disagree. Because IMDB had no problem listing it as part of season 1. TVDB had no problem listing it as part of season 1. HBO (the original broadcaster) lists it as part of season 1. Tubi and Roku (the new broadcasters) list it as part of season 1.

I understand the reasoning TMDB uses, even if I disagree with its blanket use, but if everyone else, including both its new and old broadcasters, consider it as part of season one, why would Trakt be so ready to fly in the face of the creators intent. TMDB has specific rules in place, but I don’t see a specific set of rules regarding this situation on Trakt.

With regards to your anime example, it literally took me less than a minute to find an anime listed on Trakt, in this case Eureka Seven Ao, where a special episode which was never broadcast, only included on a later dvd release is included with the season episodes, not the specials. So while I get your point, if the website is not even going to follow its own rules, then maybe exceptions should be made in certain situations where it makes sense.

With regards to the option for specials in progress, that will add hundreds of behind the scenes, bloopers, previews and interviews to my progress list, when all I want is to track the remaining six episodes of a season I had already started tracking on Trakt.

Eureka Seven Ao was using TVDB as it’s datasource and it’s page there was deleted because it was listed wrongly. The correct listing for it is as season 2 of Eureka Seven, and it only has 24 episodes, and the special is listed on the specials season. I’ve merged both now.
Like I said, the correct listing is as a special. If there are any cases where it is not listed as such it is because either it is using the wrong datasource, or it is a duplicate or it is incorrect on both trakt and on the datasource. These cases you just need to report and I can fix the wrong listing, or report where it is needed to for us to have the correct listing. Episodes that did not air on TV shouldn’t be with episodes that did. We follow the datasource’s rules.

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Alright fair enough. I still think it is an absolutely ridiculous rule, but I’m not here to cause an argument with someone just trying to do their job. Good day.

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As far as The Nevers go, I can understand the confusion. The show was cancelled mid-series, then revived exclusively for streaming where the remaining episodes were made available. The special for Heaven’s Design Team is literally a special, it was designed to be released as a streaming bonus after the series ended. (anidb.net confirms this), but The back half of The Nevers was the lost episodes that got left in limbo when HBO killed it. They are not specials, but TMDB doesn’t have enough nuance to its rules to acknowledge out-of-cycle releases or a show moving to a different network to revive it (something that happens a lot, and is not even a recent phenomenon).

Trakt doesn’t have ANY rules for how shows are formatted (outside of duplicates or links that are just plain broken), they simply parrot the data on whatever site they take it from. As of writing this, that’s exclusively TMDB (for progressively worse).

Users should be able to include the specials page in their progress on a per-show basis. This is something I have wished I could do in the past, especially when OVA/OAD episodes for an Anime get blindly thrown into specials whether they are bonus episodes for a specific season or a separate production that should be their own entry. And, yeah, in general, what counts as a special varies WILDLY despite TMDB’s despotic enforcement of the rules on a handful of recent shows.