Filter by Price Type

On you can filter according to Price Type: Free, Ads, Subscription, Buy, Rent.

I would love to do the same on Trakt (in the Advanced filters). I am not interested in Buy or Renting in general so when searching for movies or series I would like to exclude those. As it is now I have to “Watch Now” icon then check price manually; so the data seems to be there.

I think that changing the setting to Only Show Favorites would solve your issues, no?

No, that assumes that each streaming only has one type. Several sites i use has movies for both subscription, rent and buy.

Not likely to be implemented: Streaming service filter should allow to differentiate between rent/buy and subscription – Support & Feedback for Trakt

Oh well, after reading that thread you are probably right. Curiously, my use case is also Viaplay.

I never subscribed to viaplay, because I can’t filter content on Trakt. Trakt has too much power =)

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