Have i question about api recovery

When you mean API recovery
You mean the app for iPad etc?

Will my watch History and play History be back ?
Right now it looks like only only rarings are ok. Between 9 nov and december 11 When the crash happend.
My Rippple say last watched Titanic the aftermath and i belive that is very close to last watched before crash

I have watch History in notes after abt 5:30 11/12 cet

Lost all play History on the website. Watchlist not up to date at all
I understand this is a stupid question but i dont know watch times ”the reason i use trakt” at all with this lost
Trakt is useless
Best regards worried

When the Trakt API is back online next week, the apps will start working again.

We are still recovering watched history and will allow that to be imported when it’s ready, should be sometime next week.

Are you comparing your watchlist on the website to another app to know there is stuff missing? I’d like to have more details about that.

Yes i am in the website since notthing else works.
But i know sort of what i have watch rhrough, JustWatch and imdb. And Notes When the crash happend, what i have watched during the downtime.
In the website it show my rating but have lost the track/watch time, progress on shows.

You see those numbers my rating. Those are watched but dont know exactly When time and date.
Some are recovery by date not time since i have no clue on times from imdb, JustWatch etc. Only date and aprox Day order like what was the first movie;episode a certain Day.

Yes, we are still recovering watched history.

Here is an example from imdb

Alright now it looks like trakt app for iPad and iPhone is back. But not Rippple cant log in an any more???

Is Rippple depending API history loggs in trakt service status

Yes, all third-party apps depend on the API.

Ok thx.
But i thought Rippple is a Trakt own app.