Old Posts Lost? Oh man

We lost our old posts too? And now we’re subjected to a timer between posts? Dude!!! :dizzy_face:

read the announcements, it is on the legacy site. All your posts are there just for reference.

Not ideal but it was meant to happen as THAT was not a forum :smile:

Also for the timer, come on is this your first time on a forum. All of them have a post timer, for spamming purposes


This is a great upgrade, well worth the archival of the old posts.


To be perfectly honest with you. Only one site I ever had that problem with (which is why I really don’t use it anymore), was reddit. Perhaps many other forums do have it, maybe they’ve adjusted the time and made it more flexible and less annoying. In fact, PLEX has this same setup (must be a public domain/GNU/Open Source)… And I don’t recall experiencing a set timer between posting using PLEX forum.

Be nice if the older posts could be imported as read only, tagged with Archive (or similar)

Easier to read things if they are all in the one place

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We tried to import the old posts, but it just wasn’t working well. The formats of the data was just too different unfortunately.

We’re still learning all the Discourse features, but my guess is there are defaults to prevent spam messages. I agree that is less of an issue since these are VIP only forums, but hopefully the restrictions lift as you normally use the forums. If not, we might have to look deeper in the settings.

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Trust Level

Discourse is great. Good move.


You can find all the old posts at https://trakt.tv/forums/


According to that, I should have none of the new member restrictions now as I meet the criteria for trust level 1, but I cannot post anymore threads, so I’m guessing the thresholds and whatnot were probably adjusted.

I just looked at your profile and it shows you are at Trust Level 1 Basic User. :slight_smile:

I realize you posted this a couple of hours ago, so maybe it changed in the time since you posted, but either way, you’ve been upgraded. :smiley:

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Yeah honestly I don’t mind having all the posts archived to get such a nice new forum. Content will build back up eventually.


Archived makes sense since some of the posts were super old.

whats the point of having timed limited to prevent spam on a private forum that you only get access paying?

the forum is not private is public.
i do not know if it has a register button.
you avoid misuse from a annoying or troll user, yes they exist even on paying ones.
Also victim of hacking such a user.
Anyway i DO NOT see the trouble of this. i’m used in almost all forums have a time limit between posts.

Maybe it took a while /shrug

“the forum is not private is public”

I pay for VIP and it says the forums are a VIP Only Forum, but you say it is now public :pensive:

You didn’t read my whole post. The forum is public on the internet, is not through the dark web or from a special IP hosted via VPN, it is a public page.

However, the users i think cannot register, they use only the trakt account login. Again i think.

If you try to fo to forums.trakt.tv on a new device where you aren’t logged in, and haven’t visited the forums yet, you’ll be forced to login to trakt. So yeah, I’d say it’s not public, just like the previous forums weren’t public. You need to be a VIP member to access them.
Just because it’s not on the dark side of the web doesn’t mean it’s public by default riiight.

Now I don’t have a side account or anything obviously, but I don’t think the forum will magically appear read-only when you’re logged into Trakt, but don’t have VIP. :thinking:

TL;DR you need to be logged into Trakt (with VIP) to access the forums. So pretty much private.

All forums are VIP only. It uses single sign on through the Trakt website and you need to be a VIP member to access them.