Trakt userbase problem


I really love using this website, I think many of its features are great, but I’ve been noticing a major change in the comment sections over the past few years. To cut right to it: I’m quite sick of the amount of dumb and idiotic comments that are left by incels, trolls, racists, bigots etc. on just about every page. I’ve done my part in flagging a few of those comments, but it doesn’t make engaging in discussion any more fun. I’m not of the opinion that everyone needs to write in-depth exposés, but stuff like this is disgusting: What Is a Woman? (2022) - Trakt. I get that documentaries like that attract a certain type of audience, but come on. I personally feel like Trakt should be way more active in making sure this website is a healthy place for discussion. For instance, I don’t think Letterboxd has this problem to the same extent.

I’m very curious if there are any other users who share my sentiments.


I agree. Unfortunately I think it comes with the territory of trakt being more mainstream than something like Letterboxd and having a platform to comment on individual episodes of a show rather than just films. I thought for a while that people seem to get getting worse on the internet (in all comment sections, facebook etc) but it’s just the simple fact that more people are now on the internet voicing their opinions. I’d love to be able to rid us of comments like that but we’d no doubt have them crying out about freedom of speech.


I absolutely agree with you I was actually wanting to express my thoughts on comments like that a while back but I gave up because well… the number of likes on comments like that tells a lot! It’s truly sadening and outrageous that such things are being supported instead of taken down.

I’m 100% for everyone telling their opinion and I always value everyone’s opinion however different from mine but when it becomes hateful to a certain group, culture, race, etc… you keep it to yourself! You can talk shit all you want on a movie or series but you never do that on people!

These types of comments are everywhere on internet unfortunately but it’s up to Trakt if they want to be more severe.


Lol maybe I should have sugarcoated my response to the movie?! Why do you feel my comment is hateful? I highly recommend actually watching the movie.


Well it’s transphobic! Can’t you realize that?!

I’ve seen my fair share of comments about this ‘‘documentary’’ on Letterboxd before they did this with the comments:

I’m not aware if Trakt has community policy you’ll have to correct me on that but if they don’t maybe they should.


I think a partial solution to the bigger problem could be to have a featured reviews section. There’s a handful of people who consistently write interesting and intelligent takes for nearly all new releases, but you often have to dig deep to find them. Wouldn’t it be better if those were put at the forefront, and make it less of a popularity contest? Especially when it comes to more artistic films, I can’t count how many pages I’ve seen where the top 3 comments are all immature nonsense, like people saying ‘this is boring’ or ‘this makes zero sense’. Not that those takes aren’t justified occasionally, but most of the time they’re uninteresting reads and a bad look for the site IMO. It’d certainly improve the comment pages of ‘documentaries’ from propaganda outlets like The Daily Wire.


It’s here!

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It isn’t transphobic at all lol and I have absolutely nothing against transgenders


This is not my fight i’m not trans by any means i’m just trying to stick out for people getting blasted lately on the website. I’ve seen racist comments too.

Be kind everyone!


Why don’t we just ban any and all comments on the entire site, block all ratings, privatize all lists?
That way there can be no way anyone may be offended.

Better yet let’s delete all movie/show listings!
There has never ever ever been any movie/show that could be considered problematic. Much less by a large studio.

It is unacceptable in my opinion to censor someone because you don’t like what they said and/or that it is supported by others. What is worse is that if something you do not like has support then you would rather keep everyone from speaking by banning any comment at all.

Don’t forget to flag all posts from anyone who you may disagree with you censoring people… oh wait you already started…



While i agree that the comments on linked movie profile don’t seem wrong to me. Especially not Soph’s one.
Eddsters comment with like “because as far as I care get on with it but don’t do your stuff infront of me or my kids” here is totally unnecessary.

At least they admit being transphobic/homophobic because that’s the textbook definition :joy:


Then why was this flagged…


Give people the option to flag and hide comments and they’ll do it whether it’s justified or not. Remember when some special snowflake started flagging my posts just because I say things they don’t agree with;-)
Just wait for Justin/Kate or maybe sonply too to handle it.

Eddsters comments have no relation to this topic of comments being not OK on Trakt website in general and a certain movie as an example. In that sense I agree. They are off topic, they’re just rambling on about how they feel about gay/trans. But hey I wasn’t the one to flag them I doubt that was the reason lmao.

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Just wanted to clarify i’m not at all against freedom of speech to the contrary I promote it. I really did think the comment in question was phobic. I was against that! Now upon further opinions from everyone I realize it’s probably me that misunderstood it’s intent and for that i’m sorry Sopherian!

It’s very clear to me that the two should be separated:

  • Freedom of speech.
  • Freedom to be a racist, sexist, etc…

The latter has no purpose on a series/movie website.

@lifeiscrazy it does comfort me that the Trakt team is looking out on these things and know best on what’s appropriate and what’s not on the website.

Also just for the record i’ve never flagged any comment on the website or here, ever! I really wanted to have a conversation with you guys about it first.


Apologies accepted! :wink: and I understand that you said it with the best intentions.


Hi Sopherian,

It is good to take something as a fact, but it`s bad to just stop there without to understand why.

“Two of the chromosomes (the X and the Y chromosome) determine your sex as male or female when you are born. They are called sex chromosomes: Females have 2 X chromosomes. Males have 1 X and 1 Y chromosome. If there are extra chromosomes its very rare and a defect. What is this clown world? You can’t argue with facts…”

Science is more complicated and people learn about new things everyday.

I have nothing against people that think the world is simple.

You can have XX and still be a man or XY and still be a woman biologically.

This speach is interesting too just to get informed.

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I’m not normally a big comment person. I just get frustrated. I have a saying “You can’t argue with stupid”, why try. I haven’t read most of the responses looks like it got heated skim reading.

I didn’t see anything in the API blueprints, is there something to search by comments or flag via REST?

Can there be a bunch of words to filter on, and only show those comments if a user is marked to see them? Sort of like the spoilers?

I don’t know if that’s the answer. Not sure which side you fall on, but if you’d filter on a word like ‘woke’, you’d potentially hide people calling the movie/show that, as well as some people calling out those comments. Word choice doesn’t mean much without the context.

Yeah you’re right. Single words don’t show context. And some people like the conflict others don’t. Why I was wondering if it could be some opt out option.

What about words in a sentence. “suck on my”. Then there could be a maybe such for personal references that describe people or pronouns. Maybe they could have warnings it might be offensive, but might not. Eg. Transgenders, females, men etc.

I don’t know just ideas.